Dec 12, 2011

Thesis: people tend to think experimental literature is a lot stranger & newer than it really actually is

One of these pictures is of Jonathan Safron Foer's experimental fiction, Tree of Codes, published last year. The other is the Thomas Jefferson Bible, the cut-and-paste work of deism completed circa 1820.


  1. jill's writing an essay on tree of codes right now. i think it will go up as a book review later on thethe.

    i think tree of codes is a clever idea, but just looking at it, i feel it runs dangerously close to what i feel a lot of poets do: fetishizing ideas rather than actually interacting with them. he said he wrote the book as a response to e-books; but it's almost like he destroyed the book form to do so. i haven't read jill's paper on it yet. maybe i'll have a better sense then of what i think. i should probably also read the book itself! it's only something like 3k words.

  2. there's a corollary to this thesis also: if somebody is named the "new emily dickinson" or some other absurd thing, they are most certainly not. kind of like godwin's law for poetry criticism.

  3. the ancient "choose your own adventure" styles. i loved those books. genius.