Dec 6, 2010

One last song

Thelonious Monk in the studio (new hat, invisible glasses)
The autobiographical novel, from Twain & Hawthorne to Irving & Roth
How many Harvard books are bound in human flesh and other fun facts

Talking to Matt Kish about drawing every page of Moby-Dick
MFA debate? Imagine everyone is wearing a monocle
Glenn Beck: What American needs more of is poetry
The precedent of Bush v. Gore, ten years later
There is no liberal wing of the Supreme Court
Secularism and the problem of transcendance
What was the secret of Motown's hit factory?
The Alcott family and the search for utopia
Jury to determine truth of "documentary"
The philosophy of David Foster Wallace
PT Anderson to direct Pynchon adaption
It's just fairness, y'all, that's all
Celebration, Fla.'s 1st major murder
Translated poetry expands your mind
Art crit in the age of the internet
The new title for Strunk and White
Congress gets a women's restroom
Politic's "motivated skepticism"
A history of misheard lyrics
Neo-cons misreading Tina Fey
Kaczynski's MT land for sale
Franzen on underrated novels
Franzen on overrated novels
Fight over FOIA exemptions
Talking to William Gibson
Twain stopped the clocks
Photography and violence
Wikileaks ultimate goal
The Quaid conspiracy
Cult pulp fiction
LOL cat lit

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  1. Your link on Franzen & underrated novels goes to the Celebration, Florida story