May 15, 2009

Disney bird

Can Cy Twombly be trusted?
The end of East Germany
JJ Abrams and the magic of mystery
Obama's culture war strategy
Foreign policy in film
Palestinian literature festival
Theory, practice & poor philosophy
Interrogating torture & crimes of state
The light at the end of religion's dark tunnel
Communities w/o cars in Germany
Perry Coarlsby: The end of things
Frank Film & videopoetry
Cubist spaces & the art of eyes
Biography isn't history
Baseball in 150 words
Bonnie & Clyde still big
Talking to Palahuniuk
Blind photographers
McDonalds' Murders
The new nuke porn
Newspaper guilt
Lost letters


  1. Re: Interrogating Terror: Have you seen "Standard Operating Procedure," yet? It's a relatively new documentary by Errol Morris about those prison photos and includes extensive interviews.

    Re: guilt
    "To be an undisciplined newspaper lover is to live in a constant state of guilt." Yes.

  2. I haven't. I'll see if I can find it, tho. it's hard to find anything but hollywood, big budget movies here. Not a lot of indie films available, at least not in English.