Sep 16, 2007

Where Raymond Carver lived: my parent's county
Because war is not a solution to political conflicts, for Christians
Pacifism in the Christian traditions
The life cycle of socialism
Big Brother was watching: MI5 spied on Orwell
Hillary Clinton's prayer
The fiction gap between men and women
How our culture exploits men
Portlands is like hipster disney land
Southern writers in the shadow of Southern writers
Copyright information outlett
Face transplants
The things we think with
After the last intellectuals
Can the Democrats become a party of grownups?
The photos of Walter Berman
Does the New York times understand the uses of the Internet?
The political tyranny of campaign narratives
The preacher for the presidents (Honest question, was Graham really just a salve-giving shill?
Crime and memoir in Philly theater

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  1. Thanks for the links, very interesting, enjoyable time reading them.